Crowned Lights

This piece is a merge between two photographs.  One is a shot of Christmas lights photographed in NYC and the second is a double exposure shot of a crown with glowing lights.

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99 Bottles

This photograph was taken in Napa in the Schramsberg Vineyard. I loved how the thousands of bottles of wine were arranged stacked on top of one another front to back. It really creates an abstract look and makes it hard to identify that it is in fact wine bottles.

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I wanted to do a fun still life of a vintage pearl necklace from my grandmother and after lots of testing and sampling I came up with this. When I think of pearls, Chanel always comes to mind and so to make the shot more interesting I placed the pearls on a Chanel box.  With an extra long exposure and the addition of colors through neon lights I came up with this awesome photograph.

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A bit of Sparkle

The crown that you see in this photograph is actually a party favor that I received at my friends 25th birthday party that does a crazy light show.  It was shot while it flashed its rainbow of colors onto a Vanity Fair Portraits book while under a long exposure.

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